Baseball Data Visualization Contest

I am passing along an announcement of a baseball data visualization contest from Will Merrow at Graphicacy. It sounds exciting. Actually I am teaching visualization currently in my data science students and they will shortly have a baseball graphing assignment.

Contest Description:

Graphicacy, a creative analytic design firm in Washington, DC, is sponsoring the 2015 Major League Data Challenge, a baseball data visualization contest. This is the first in a series of contests organized by Graphicacy to encourage data visualizations that help users better understand key topics in sports, science, government, and other areas.

The contest opens on October 12th and contestants have 4 weeks to submit their entries. In addition to the potential to win a grand prize of $1,000, contestants have the opportunity to get their work in front of our distinguished panel of judges that includes:

  • Richard Saul Wurman (architect, designer, founder of TED events)
  • Sarah Slobin (Visual Editor, Wall Street Journal)
  • Mike Bonifer (Chief Creative Officer at bigSTORY, former producer at Disney & Pixar)
  • Nathaniel Pearlman (Founder and President of Graphicacy)

More information is found at the contest website by signing up for the contest. Thanks and let us know if you have any questions.

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