Monthly Archives: October, 2014

Downloading Retrosheet data and OS X Yosemite

I just recently learned about some issues using RStudio and the new OS X Yosemite which relate to downloading play-by-play data from Retrosheet. In an earlier post, I describe downloading the Chadwick files and downloading the play-by-play data on a Mac. But this process does not seem to work on OS X Yosemite since the chadwick processing application can’t be found.

The problem appears to be a problem with Yosemite changing the path as a security feature and this causes certain system-level programs to be “not found”. The RStudio folks are aware of this problem and provide workarounds here.

Actually, at my university, we are not allowed to install new OS on a Mac until the technical support believes that the new system is stable, so I have not encountered this problem yet.

Thanks, Andrew for pointing this out.