Analyzing Baseball Data with R

Some information about the book Analyzing Baseball Data With R by Max Marchi and Jim Albert:

Some useful links for the book.

Book cover


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  1. […] my foray into R with baseball is a neat graphic based on a recent post from the authors of Analyzing Baseball With R.  They use the R statistical programming language to go through the copious amount of baseball […]

  2. Question 7 Chapter 3, p. 85 asks you to pull Pete Rose’s info, but from what I can tell, the function “getinfo” doesn’t work for two players with the exact same name (junior), or am I wrong?

  3. Yeah, I’ll try to fix this and then make the new function available — thanks.

  4. Errata link seems to be broken

    1. Aaron — thanks for noticing that — it should work now.

  5. Sergio Marrero Marrero | Reply

    Hello ! In regard to Chapter 9. I would like to have more information (further reading) about these topics:

    1) How to build a transition matrix to simulate a complete game between two teams, taking into account all offensive(batters/runners) and defensive (pitchers/fielding) strength.
    2) The method used in section 9.2.6 to estimate the transition matrix. In the book is written: “The description of this methodology is beyond the level of this book…” but no further reading or reference is given

    I feel lot of interest on these topics and I appreciate to have some references to continue my research.

    Thanks in advance. Sergio.

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